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Michigan Cops Bust Two Medical Marijuana Businesses

Posted on 26 August 2010 by Jim Walrod

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In sweeps across Oakland County, Michigan police arrested 15 people Wednesday night in connection with allegations that two medical marijuana facilities were violating medical marijuana laws.
Officers raided Clinical Relief on in Ferndale where three people were arrested and patients’ documents, the computers, files and security cameras were seized. The home of the co-owner, Ryan Richmond, was also one of those hit by the raid where personal property was taken by the police.
The second medical marijuana business raided was Everybody’s Café located in Waterford Township.
Police spokesmen claim the two businesses were violating Michigan’s medical marijuana law, but refused to give details saying additional information on the charges will be forthcoming.
The raid came two days after the Ferndale City Council voted to end the city’s three-month moratorium on such businesses and allow them to open in three areas.
All are commercial areas and none is near the downtown, the city “to broaden the areas somewhat” in the next few months.
Clinical Relief is outside the newly zoned areas but was to be grandfathered in as an approved site, according to city officials.

9 Responses to “Michigan Cops Bust Two Medical Marijuana Businesses”

  1. ron cayce says:

    oasis palliative care center 55 n pond landing suite 2 walled lake oakland county michigan 248 668 9705
    would you find it odd that a oakland county sherriff is paid a salary to guard medicinal marijuana at this location?

  2. ron cayce says:

    And yet as this location is guarded the same county sheriff’s office that was sent to violate the rights given by Ferndale to Clinical Relief and Everybodies Cafe!!

  3. joanne says:

    Isn’t it ironic that a woman (Candi T at Everybody’s Cafe in Waterford) who KILLED A MAN WHILE SHE WAS DRUNK DRIVING can legally operate a “medical” marijuana place. Should be a law against THAT!

  4. S.G says:

    Everybodys Cafe was nothing more that a Fence I was offered pot three times when I told them I did not have a card they said no problem It will just cost a bit more. When I voted for medical Marijuana I thought it would be tightly controlled like other prescription drugs . This whole thing is a joke . Make it totally Legal or Totally Illegal

  5. Chase says:

    Joanne, are you saying that noone should get a second chance? That everyones past transgressions should be held against them their entire life? Sounds pretty close minded, hope there’s nothing in your past, no skeletons in your closet, hope you don’t do anything you regret in the future and choose to change your life. People like you are the problem with america.

    S.G., You tried selling pot to me 5 times last month, I told you to shove it but everytime I saw you you were trying to push marijuana on me, hope you have more than alligations, cause you need proof in this great land we call America. See how I can say whatever I want about you, I think I saw you with the 14 y/o next door doing naughty things… I can keep going but I’m pretty sure you get the point.

    I’ve been to everybodies cafe and I had to prove my status as a medical marijuana patient. I’m sure they haven’t been trying to sell to people who weren’t patients, I can’t however say anything about the patients or caregivers who frequented the place, I don’t know too many of them.

    What’s people’s problem with Marijuana anyway, is there anyone around here preaching about how people shouldn’t be responsibly drinking at bars or in the privacy of their own home? There are plenty of studies PROVING the damage done by Marijuana to the human body is very minimal at worst, nothing like the studies of cigarettes or alcohol on the human body. Is Marijuana worse than Alcohol? NO! So why is it illegal? Propaganda and Drug War Money…
    Now if any of these people were selling to minors who weren’t medical marijuana patients, they should be burned. But why shouldn’t adults be able to enjoy marijuana as adults are allowed to enjoy beer?

    These people weren’t doing anything wrong or against the law, and I won’t say a bad word about them unless I see proof they were.

  6. Marc says:

    Why were they violating the medical marijuana laws?

  7. Jim Walrod says:

    Whose to say they were violating the Michigan law. That is up to the courts to decide. Which is why I believe the law was written so vaguely.

  8. joanne says:

    Chase — I am all for second chances. This woman was barely off probation, so you know this whole pot thing was going on while she was in sobriety court. It is her flipping the bird to the legal system. And trust me, I am no fan of the legal system. But I am smart enough to bone up on any laws I intend to break.

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