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DEA Nazis Release “Shocking” Information In Colorado

Posted on 28 July 2010 by Jim Walrod

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Some Colorado medical marijuana center owners are going to find themselves out of business after this Sunday thanks to the DEA Nazis. The field office in Denver has taken the time to research all the medical marijuana dispensary owners in the entire state. The agents spend days going over public records, advertisements and property records to collect the names of the owners of medical marijuana centers. Then, being cops and not just a bunch of whackos with an agenda, used their police state powers to run criminal background checks to prove that half or less of medical marijuana dispensary owners have had some sort of brush with the law. Consequently, says the DEA these people are scum. These people have already served their time, which the DEA fails to point out, in their scary press release that prominently mentions violent crimes, including four murders, but doesn’t mention others or if the cases involved repeat offenders. Doing so would make more sense but it would not serve the purpose of this field office which apparently hasn’t gotten the word from the Attorney General about allocating resources to effective crime fighting. A spokesman for the office, Assistant Special Agent Kevin Merrill responded: “The DEA investigates all drug crimes and marijuana is still a schedule one and our job is to know who we are dealing with because we may come into contact with them at some time,” Merrill went on to say, “I would be hard-pressed to find any other business group where their members have so many criminal violations, arrests and convictions.” Apparently Mr. Merrill is unaware of the financial industry.
All of it was wasted time and tax payer money because of new procedures that the state of Colorado has developed for licensing of what they now call medical marijuana centers.
Those rules take effect on Sunday and would prohibit anyone with a drug felony conviction or anyone with a felony conviction in the last five years will be denied a license for a center. The state application, 22 pages of it, asks for everything from bank account information (which makes sense) to where and if the applicant received a high school diploma.
Some owners have been working on the filling out the form for weeks trying to get it done and submitted before the August 1st deadline.
In addition to no prior felony drug convictions, there are several other automatic disqualifiers for holding a license: if you haven’t paid student loans or are in arrears for your taxes or child support.
The state says any dispensary caught operating without having applied for a state license as of Aug. 1 will be prevented from ever holding a Colorado license.
The first license will be issued on July 1, 2011. Until then, medical marijuana centers are allowed to operate with their application paperwork. Without any guarantee that the DEA field office will not subject them to endless harassment and raids, as they have done to other dispensaries, centers, care givers and patients.

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