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Why McCain Won’t Pick Mitt Romney For VP.

Posted on 28 August 2008 by Jim Walrod

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There are 51 reasons why Mitt Romney will NOT be the VP choice for Senator McCain. The former presidential candidate beats McCain on the house count by either 43 or 41 excessively expenses bits of property, depending on how you count (no Mormon multiple wives jokes please).

So, how many homes for Mitt? Well, at least four:
-His primary residence in Belmont, Massachusetts, worth $3,474,000. (Nexis)
-A lake home in Wolfboro, New Hampshire, worth more than $10 million.
-A ski lodge in Deer Valley in Park City, Utah.
-A house the Romneys purchased in June of this year in La Jolla, California, worth $12 million.

But there’s more: Romney’s real estate portfolio apparently puts to shame even McCain’s eight properties. According to the ex-gov’s financial disclosure forms filed when he was running for president, Romney holds an interest in 51 different properties through the Whitehall Real Estate Funds. These holdings include apartments in New York, hotels in Italy and Canada, and land in Thailand and France.

If you figure that real estate is a rule of thumb for gauging a VP’s suitability the pick will be Governor Tim Pawlenty with one home in Minnesota vauled at $330,800.

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