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Teabaggers And Right Wing GOPERs Have STDs?

Posted on 09 July 2010 by Jim Walrod

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When you are sitting in front the doctor and the last hope that maybe that little rash is just because your one night stand was not quite truthful has vanished, you begin to think that maybe that last brew was not a good idea at all. That seems to be the mindset of the former incumbent U.S. Senator from Utah.
The Tea Party nut jobs, formerly admirers of Senator Bob Bennett’s GOPERness became convinced, because of his support of the Bush Bailout and other poisons, was no longer fit to drink from the well and was contaminating its purity just by his presence. When the Utah GOPER convention rolled around they gave him the Jonah’s Lift abarring him from seeking a fourth term and “breathing new life” into the junior Utah Senator seat.
Bennett endorsed the Tea Party winner, but now says that TAPES (Tea Party Extremism-okay everything needs some acronym and I like this one because it could also be Totally Ape Shit) is maybe not a good idea. Too many slogans being shouted about and TAPES could backfire, costing the GOPERS to lose seats in states where the majority of have seen through the gas being blown out of the elephants butt, said the Senator.
Makes me wonder if we are sailing off the edge of the world when a three term GOPER U.S. Senator who opposes abortions, rights for gays, health care reform, health insurance for children, increasing the minimum wage, protecting workers rights, supported the Bush administration in everyway to hoodwink us into a war and supports the efforts of big pharma, healthcare and energy to obtain the maximum amount of tax breaks, favorable laws and regulations that cost U.S. taxpayers/consumers billions of dollar a year is not ideologically pure enough for the Tea Partiers, comes forward to warn that maybe, just maybe the people who ran him off have gone too far.
Those comments of the Senator’s and other similar ones he has uttered since that fateful May day, gosh I’ve always wanted to use those two words together in a sentence about a Republican, have aroused the ire of his former admirers. The shouting and the name calling is well underway which does prove the Senator Bennett’s point.
I remember watching Jon Stewart take down the Carlson with a side slap to Begala on Cross Fire and had hoped then that the insane trend would not grow past that moment. The invective, irrationality and ignorant discourse would die like McCarthyism did when Edward Murrow ended Senator McCarthy’s career and his terrorist activities in a devastating television report. But fifty-seven years of communications advancement does make a difference and Stewart’s appearance on Cross Fire in 2004 is as far away from today’s state of political discourse as the “See It Now” report in 1953.
What I do find odd about the hateful political discourse in 1953, 2004 and 2010 is the direction the invective is coming. Is there some infection in the body politic of the modern-era Republican Party that never goes away? Is it a sort of political STD with one of the symptoms being these paroxysms’ of conservative purging, a kind of political bulimia? It a virus that seems to pass from generation to generation. If they would only learn to use condoms when the outbreak occurs, we would all be better off.

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