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Pentagon Investigates Battlefield Failures

Posted on 05 February 2010 by Jim Walrod

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PTSD SoldierThings are going so well in Afghanistan, according to Iron Stan McChrystal, that he can barely contain his glee and has a victory woody going already. If that is really the case why are the boys back in the pointy building investigating field commanders for “battlefield failures” or in plain old get to the point; “We’re not going to be blamed for this shit storm.”
Pentagon officials, who wish not to be named, say the US military has been investigating an uncharacteristic number of battleground failures in Afghanistan. Moreover, they are issuing a growing number of reprimands against commanders for these failures.
Though the military has been reluctant to publicly acknowledge the extent of the investigations, it seems there is growing political pressure for accountability as the death toll in the war continues to rise. Yes, political pressure, the very idiots who decided this was a great idea are now pissing they metaphorical pants over the people they have killed.
Few are willing to admit the missteps that have led to the deadly ambushes, and Admiral Michael Mullen is said to be trying to “slow things down” as pressure grows for more investigations.
The military has not revealed exactly which incidents resulted in reprimands, though those commenting on them suggested that they were all cases where US troops were killed. There was no indication that any of the reprimands came from incidents where US troops killed Afghan civilians.

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