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Mexican ID Thieves Strike

Posted on 17 April 2008 by Jim Walrod

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Isn’t it amazing that all the illegal Mexican immigrants being rounded up by that scary Federal agency now identified by the acronym of ICE, that would be Immigration and Customs Enforcement to all you native-borns, or the migre to those of you who live in fear of having jackboots kick in your door, are now evil-doers out to steal true Amerikuns identities.

Now, according to an ICE spokesperson, the vast majority of illegal workers arrested are involved in identity theft causing credit scores to plummet and medical benefits to be denied to the real Amerikuns who deserve them. So instead of putting these people on buses and making a run for the border ICE is going to be putting them into the already swollen prison system.

This is not a joke. In raids in five states hundreds of people were arrested yesterday (Wednesday 4/15/08) and this is what the Leaflet at ICE had to say “Identity theft is a horrible problem that can ruin a person’s good name,” said Julie Myers, homeland security assistant secretary for Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

By the way the largest numbers of workers were taken out of a Pittsburg, Texas based poultry slaughter house, Pilgrim’s Pride Corp, where 400 hourly workers were busted. The company, which is NOT being charged, for employing illegal workers since they worked with ICE agents said through their spokesman Ray Atkinson, “We have terminated all of the employees who were taken into custody and will terminate any employee who is found to have engaged in similar misconduct. We are investigating these allegations further.”

Will Pilgrim be charged with anything? That would be most unlikely since CEO and head chicken plucker, Lonnie Pilgrim; along with his family have been reliable donors to the GOP, the Shrub and Daddy Shrub for years.

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