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Sen. Jeff Sessions: The GOP’s Closet Racist

Posted on 04 May 2009 by Jim Walrod

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If you think the Republican Party has decided to look for new leadership and a new way to be inclusive of all American’s all you need to disabuse yourself of that notion is to consider Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions, due to replace Arlen Specter on the Senate Judiciary Committee. Sessions has long been known for his racist stands. Here is a link from The New Republic, December 2002, revealing Sessions racist statements.
Sessions also brings to his post some interesting baggage — he was rejected to an appointment as a U.S. district judge two decades ago over charges of racism. The decisive vote: Arlen Specter.
Two decades ago, the Senate rejected his nomination as a U.S. district judge by President Ronald Reagan over allegations that his career as a lawyer and U.S. attorney in Alabama showed a pattern of being racially insensitive. Ironically, it was Specter who helped seal his defeat by joining with Democratic opposition.
Sessions’ dismal record on race — including a black former assistant U.S. attorney’s testimony that Sessions once said he “used to think they [the Klan] were OK” until he found out some of them were “pot smokers”.

11 Responses to “Sen. Jeff Sessions: The GOP’s Closet Racist”

  1. susan potter says:


  2. Art C Fort Lauderdale FL says:

    Well Susan, the reason probably is that the media do a horrible job of exposing the trashy politicians we have in America. Senator Sessions was DEFEATED for a judicial post in 1986 by his own republicans due to his racial associations and comments. I guess the media is afraid of politicians, so they never publish the truth for fear of retaliation. So, Senator Sessions’s comments on cracks in America should probably try to repair the cracks in his own world before he attacks others for their statements and flaws. Sessions is another hypocrite. We need term limits in congress, just like we have in the Presidency if we are ever going to get America back.

  3. Susan, the media’s job is to lie and misrepresent everything in favor of the wealth class Anglo empire and those who support that program of putting other groups in positions of slavery – keep on reading and listening to truthful media and turn off the other junk, pass the word and eventually we’ll change things when the lies are exposed and common knowledge.

  4. Jackie says:

    Ok, I’m a Moderate Republican, but Jeff Sessions is an embarrassment to our party. We’re going to be left with only Southern votes, who still practice racism. Watching the hearings I cringe when I keep hearing these lame attacks on Sotomayer.

    Palin 2012

  5. Terri says:

    The biggest problem with today’s corporate media is that they found out that covering real news is expensive. After 9/11 they discovered that the Bush White House was perfectly willing to spoon feed them all the “news” they needed. All they had to do was to agree not to look too hard at what the administration was doing. They bought that idea hook, line, and sinker. It’s much less expensive to cover Brittney Spears’ underwear than to really look at Cheney’s energy task force. So they’ve fired most of their veteran news force and hired fresh-out-of-J-School children. These children, for the most part, couldn’t investigate their way out of the local mall. We are seeing today just some of the fallout of this abrogation of responsibility on behalf of the corporate media. I’m afraid that in years to come we’re going to see a whole lot more of the fallout, and that along with it we’ll see the loss of our Democracy.

  6. Mark Ira Kaufman says:

    It is important to note that in 1986, the Senate Judiciary Committee was controlled by Republicans. And because of so much racist baggage Sessions carried, they wouldn’t even pass his nomination to the Senate for a vote!

    And which Republican tipped the committee against Sessions, thus sparing the full Senate from having to deal with this bigot? The same one who spared the nation from Robert Bork on the Supreme Court!

    Arlen Specter!

  7. Mark says:

    LMAO – They gotta be kidding! I was watching the BO speech and I stood up in my own living room at exactly the same time, pointing at the TV, angry, I also screamed out loud – “LIAR” right in front of my wife. I assure you, I am no racist and I fail to see how ANYONE could read racism into Sessions’ remark. I watched it several times and never heard that demeanor. If the liar shoe fits… wear it. Both parties are corrupt!

    Rude to yell it out in that forum? Yes, Poor judgment? Absolutely. Racist? That’s an absolute reach… Additionally, he apologized. BO accepted and it’s over. Please people, stay focused! Back to the BS of HC.

    Read the bills and demand constitutionality, fiduciary responsibility and accountability to vote the peoples will. Oh, and don’t forget, you will need a mountain of law books for reference just to read this 1350 page, shameful excuse for legislation, which our congressmen/women didn’t even write, nor did they solicit our opinions or ideas!

    Get back on topic… and off of this obscenely ignorant, stupid idea that anyone who disagrees with BO on any thing is a racist.

    Hold ALL of these idiots in DC accountable. Vote the bad ones out and vet the new candidates you will vote for, for yourselves – without relying on 30 second soundbites through the media. After all, if you’re reading this, it is reasonable to assume that you can use Google and if you can’t, don’t or won’t use google to research before you vote, you are frankly to ignorant to be allowed to vote. But I can’t stop you…

    Choose to read up on your candidates so we don’t get screwed again in 2010. Quit voting in these same criminals voting cycle after voting cycle.

    A good place to start reading:
    US Constitution
    Articles of Amendments of the Constitution
    Bill of Rights
    Declaration of Independence

    Commit yourselves to reading these before you vote next year and know what they mean and who will uphold them before you vote… After all, they do take an oath to uphold these constitutional principles. How soon that is forgotten…

    It’s Democrats, Republicans and Independants. Get rid of these chumps and vet someone you can send to DC then point to and consider an American hero.

  8. Mark says:

    Well obviously I spoke in the wrong [Sessions] forum because I hit on the wrong open tab. I thought I was addressing a topic I had open in another [Wilson] tab regarding the Joe Wilson issue. However, I don’t think there is much difference that my comments got posted here. I will double check my open tab next time I post. Apologies for being off forum topic…

  9. LustyFirstBlackLaddieBrett says:

    Let’s see…this Confederate a**-clown Sessions said he liked the KKK until he discovered they smoked pot.Does this means he thinks doobies and worse than lynchings???

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