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Michigan Medical Marijuana Bust Confusion

Posted on 01 April 2009 by Jim Walrod

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Police in Madison Heights, Michigan find that making a pot bust, since voters approved a medical marijuana initiative can be confusing.
Madison Heights police seized 21 marijuana plants that the homeowner said he believed were legal under the state’s medical marijuana law.
But at this point, police can’t say whether the plants were legal or if the man was over the limit.
“We don’t know what the rules are,” Madison Heights Police Chief Kevin Sagan said. “This is a new situation for all of us.”
Answers could come by the end of this week from the Michigan Department of Community Health, which has been hammering out rules for the medical marijuana law since it went into effect Dec. 4. The department is required by the state to launch a medical marijuana program by Saturday.
Michigan patient advocates said they believe this seizure is the first significant event to test the law’s limits.
Robert Redden, the 59-year¬old whose home was raided, said police took 21 marijuana plants, money and a notebook of contacts.
Police confirmed the raid Tuesday but provided no details.
It is possible that no charges will be filed against Redden, who said he has the requisite doctor’s recommendation to use marijuana to ease the pain of hip arthritis.

7 Responses to “Michigan Medical Marijuana Bust Confusion”

  1. mike says:

    Here is my message to the president::

    well to start im happy for you for becoming president and you have a nice dog.but i just want to say this… notice all the marijuana busts and you know they will just keep coming back so why do you waste time in arresting the people rather than let them be. you guys arent stopping anything you are just getting the big guys and not the little guys there no need. the selling of marijuana good make the economy better and you guys just put that aside.its not even on your agenda. you guys give marijuana to people with pain in there body but what about mental pain or stress. im sure you have tried it or had a friend that tried and did it for a good reason (not saying theres any good reasons according to america) but this nation is no longer we the people because we the people get in trouble for everything we do unless what we do gives the government money. so in all i think marijuana should be legalized its just to over rated by america no one dies from it. maybe they died by a cop from pocession cause cops are stupid and think they can do what ever they want but if anything should be illegal it should be alchohol for god sakes it kills so many people its just not right. who cares what the amendments say about it.but since it brings in money you guys will keep sellin and keep killing america like a bunch of dumb people. help (we the people) and do what (we the people) need!!

  2. PsychedeliaBob says:

    Mike…quit making the rest of us look stupid. If you’re going to rant about the positive effects of marijuana, please do so in an educated fashion. Misspellings, multiple grammar issues, and a child like tone give the rest of a bad rap.

    Before you post on the internet, type your ramblings into a word processor, run a spell check, and then paste your response onto the webpage. This way, when you post your opinion, you won’t appear to be completely ignorant. Also, facts, data, and statistics will always turn an argument in your favor, so you should use them appropriately and list your sources.

    It’s important to understand implications of shoddy writing. If written properly, your opinions won’t fuel stereotypes about marijuana smokers. I’m genuinely offended when people assume that I’m an uneducated asshole with no concept of the “big picture”. So your comment is only hurting my argument.

    I’m very sorry for being harsh, because I don’t want to sound like a dick. But honestly, its people like you that make soccer moms in the suburbs so scared of a little pot smoking. And also, don’t bitch about cops. They’re just doing their job. If you get caught with weed, that’s due to your negligence alone. Marijuana can be smoked in excess without ever attracting a cop’s attention. So honor this give and take relationship.

    To everyone else, I’m not condoning every day use, because Marijuana can be abused just like alcohol. Educated people understand the concept of “everything in moderation”, so please don’t assume I’m in favor of the lifestyle our society has painted about marijuana.

    All in all, marijuana doesn’t make you stupid. It makes stupid people stupid.

  3. The Captain says:

    Re: Mike’s post comment
    Well taken commentary and a valid point. Since starting NewsPirates I have been extremely adverse to editing commentary or deleting the post for misspellings, grammatical errors and poor sentence structure. Since I consider readers commentary an open forum the only postings I will delete are those that contain a unreasonable degree of obscenity. Aside from that I consider all posts are off limits to editing or deleting. I have always considered everyone has an opinion and it deserves to be expressed; albeit sometimes poorly.

  4. Mark says:

    Well, I just couldn’t walk away from this one without saying something. LOL

    Bob, I completely agree with your observations and comments regarding Mike’s post. Captain, I can appreciate your position regarding posting, as a moderator. Very generous position actually, and both very good points.

    Now then, having said all that; Mike – Try to stay on topic. You are trying to cover entirely to many topics in one paragraph. It’s tough for people to follow your points and they will lose interest in your post as I did. I only returned to your post to read it’s entirety, after I read Bob’s remarks.

    Mike, I also want to echo Bob’s remarks regarding the police. Do not dis them, particularly in a public forum. That is just not appropriate. If you have had an unjust experience with the police – prove it, take it to court and let a jury of your peers determine IF they are guilty. Otherwise, I suggest you keep your trap shut on that one so you do not unjustly defame the people who protect you.

  5. Luke says:

    PsychedeliaBob AND everyone else in the world…


    relax in life… it’s just a ride.

    Be Well and Laugh Often.

  6. Mr Majestic says:

    If you have had an unjust experience with the police – prove it, take it to court and let a jury of your peers determine IF they are guilty. Otherwise, I suggest you keep your trap shut on that one so you do not unjustly defame the people who protect you. ARE YOU SERIOUS the court will Not help you>>Protect you<< i think you need a dose of reality<<<<< in this time and age police are not your friend,buddy they under the Impression theres a WAR to be WON your the enemy and proveing is hard to do when you go in a court system witch they are ALL buddy, pales and chums.. they make shur it Never see the lite of day ALL you do is exspose yourself to there Evil eye and your friends or the people you help < it is better just stick to a public forum witch you can say what is realy goin on not try to make a legal issiue and cause your self alot of Pain.. People who need this Realy do Need it .. maybe a pill is not there way of temp-getting ride of there pain. the police want to constrict and regulate how you LIVE your life just line up and take it YOU NO LONGER LIVE IN A FREE COUNTRY.. thats whut truly sad. They rather you take a pill with UNKOWN side effects instead of sumtin they cannot regulate. defamein the ones who protect lol how about stoppin drinking and driveing HOW many Must die, A pot grower in his house dealin with his/her pain One day at a time has never killed anyone. speak up free speech is here for a reason and if your a Cop reading this check out the speeders if you want to raise revenu for your state .Yaa i under stand that a person who is lookin for releif of his/her pain make you uneasy but WE THE PEOPLE have VOTED for sumtine beside BIG pill PUSHERs even if is against closed minded police/courts you LIVE YOUR LIFE. you have the right to be pain free

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