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History Channel Axemen Busted With Illegal Wood

Posted on 14 March 2009 by Jim Walrod

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The cry of “Timber” echoes across the History Channel. The fallen would be the guys from S&S Aqua Logging, featured on last season’s hit reality series “The Axe Men”.
According to reports the Department of Natural Resources for the state of Washington raided the place and seized a bunch of logs that investigators for the DNR say were salvaged by a crew from the company.
It didn’t take much investigating on the part of the timber cops to crack the case. They watched the show and then received a tip that real crime had been…oh geez I love typing this…CAUGHT ON TAPE (for all you broadcast insiders and news junkies out there..oh well hell..everyone…the media being what it is but I digress and back to the story…)
S&S salvages sunken logs, which at first may not sound like a really lucrative deal but those logs yield high priced designer wood for the Master of the Universe types. Finders keepers applies you say. Sorry, in Washington you need a permit to be hauling what was once considered a hazard to navigation to surface and then turn it into “impressive” wood. That would be the rub, because the folks at S&S neglected to fill in the blanks, dot the i’s or apply for a permit.
So far there seems to be no replies coming in from the loggers or the History Channel. More if it surfaces.

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