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City Pays Drug Kingpin For Seized Marijuana

Posted on 25 January 2012 by Jim Walrod

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There was a bit of justice for a New Mexico medical marijuana patient after the local Drug Warriors destroyed her crop.
Toni Armijo of Albuquerque will be receiving a check for $3,100 in compensation for the loss of her meds back in August of 2010.
It all started when cops came to her home after a neighbor called to say that Ms. Armijo had not been seen for several days and the busybody claimed she was suicidal and said the police needed to check on her. When they arrived they found that Ms. Armijo was not at home. What they did find on entering were some very carefully tended marijuana plants. Switching into high drug bust mode the boys in blue ripped up the plants, without a great deal of delicacy, leaving a mess behind as they are wont to do.
A few hours later Ms. Armijo, you remember Ms. Armijo, returned to her home to find her meds missing and her house in a mess. Being legal she immediately called the cops and demanded they return her plants. After several hours of hassle she got them back. Torn up and stuffed in a brown paper bag. She demanded compensation for the destruction of her property and the city did pay up.
I expect at any moment DEA agents will be showing up at city hall in Albuquerque, warrants in hand for the arrest of all those city officials involved in exchanging a chunk of the taxpayers’ dollars to an obvious drug kingpin to pay for the illegal narcotics that were seized and destroyed.

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