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Michigan Senator Wants Medical Marijuana Patients Off The Road.

Posted on 04 March 2011 by Jim Walrod

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GOPERs in Michigan who want to overturn the will of the voters on medical marijuana are doing everything in their power to drive the “demon weed” from the state. The latest effort is being pushed by GOPER state Senator Rick Jones. Mr. Jones has proposed a bill that would ban marijuana bars and clubs that have opened since voters approved use of the drug for medical purposes in 2008.
The Republican-led Senate Health Policy Committee passed the bill yesterday, advancing it to the Senate floor.
Jones’s bill targets compassion clubs and bars where patients might medicate for a fee and if passed would punish violators with 90 days in the slam and fines of up to $500.
Senator Jones say he wants the bill passed to keep people from using medical marijuana and then driving. Senator Jones, like so many other legislators, is talking out of his nether regions. Research has shown, not that I advocate driving stoned, that a typical does for a medical marijuana patient does not affect driving skills, unlike the alcohol which has killed millions in DUI incidents.

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  1. mjmr says:

    Passing laws aainst fairy tale problems? Did I miss something, has there been an increase in driving stoned occurances? Deaths? Driviving while eating is danerous as well but we encourage fast food drive thru? Ignorant mr jones, Wake Up! Do you believe everything you are told?

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