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Hot Valentine Ingredients for You and Your Squeeze

Posted on 10 February 2011 by Jim Walrod

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Candy is just dandy for Valentine’s Day munchies for your sweetie, but if you are looking to heat things up beyond the “Thanks for the chocolate” hug you need to move past the traditional box of chocolates say the experts.
While scientists have never been able to nail down claims that kindle desire, an Italian study suggests the aphrodisiac potential of chocolate is psychological. Chocolate contains two related alkaloid stimulants — theobromine and caffeine — and is rich in phenylethylamine, a compound that has effects similar to amphetamine.
To kick things up a notch you need get creative. Garlic, yes that smelly stuff, stimulates the secretion of gastric juices, aids in digestion and increases blood flow Good for your health but it is also said the ‘heat’ in garlic stirs sexual desires.
If the garlic smell is too much, consider ginger root. The peppy tuber acts as a stimulant and as an aphrodisiac while promoting a sense of relaxation.
Ladies you could fall back on serving that guy with the chocolate, garlic and ginger some oysters and pine nuts. Both have long been linked to sex because of their high level of zinc, a mineral that aids in the production of testosterone.
Both of you might enjoy a bit more vanilla on the hearts and flowers day. The smell and flavor of vanilla is believed to increase feelings of lust, with some studies showing it also raises the levels of in the blood.

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