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Top Palin Aide On Soros Payroll

Posted on 12 November 2010 by Jim Walrod

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Sometimes things do come back to bite on in the hiney. Recently His Wackness, Glenn Beck, has been beating up on George Soros. Soros, according to HW, is going to destroy us all in some sort of grand scheme. Everyone around Soros is on the conspiracy, so that must include top Palin aide, Randy Scheunemann.
Mr. Scheunemann has been helping Mama Grizzly learn about foreign policy and is part of her inner circle.
Mr. Scheunemann runs a lobbying firm called Orion Strategies and has been paid over $150,000 by a Soros organization, the Open Society Policy Center, for congressional lobbying efforts.
Has Mr. Scheunemann been cleverly planted next to the MG by Mr. Soros? Someone must warn MG that she is being cleverly co-opted by a man whose only desire is to destroy America. Quick post something on her Facebook page, Tweet her or go to a book signing and warn her.
Check out more on this in Salon here.

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